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artit14coverThirst for transformation: Recent photographic renditions from Asia-Pacific

From Greek mythology to superheroes to cosplay, throughout the ages and in every culture humans have been seduced by the idea of bodily transformation. But at the same time, we cannot ignore the darker messages confronting us in the likes of Kafka's insect, and Abe Kobo's box man. So what does transformative art that takes the innate truthfulness of photography and turns it on its head tell us? In this issue we take a close-up look at the panoply of desires hidden in changes wrought through the viewfinder.

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Message from the Editor

Away from one's "true face"


Sarah Sze / Miyanaga Aiko / Tao Soju

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Thirst for transformation: Recent photographic renditions from Asia-Pacific

Conversation between Morimura Yasumasa and Yanagi Miwa
Interview with Chi Peng
Interview with Lee Sang-hyun
Magical transformation tour: Wang Qingsong / Pushpamala N / Monika Tichacek / Pyuupiru / Gonkar Gyatso / Hou I-Ting
Analysis and Commentary: Strategies for living radically in postmodernity by Miyadai Shinji

Special review: Mobile Art

Who's Who at the Yokohama Triennale 2008

Tsumura Kosuke: Fantasy Mode to Order 13

Client: Ellie (Chim↑Pom)

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Curators on the Move 9

Hans Ulrich Obrist to Hou Hanru: The Nanomuseum

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